Braveheart v Bravehead

The Scottish Independence Referendum campaign is entering its final furlong. And thank heavens! It has been such a Grand National of communications that collective cognitive fatigue is setting in. I for one will just be happy to stagger across the line and get a cross on the paper, wherever it lands.

Despite 30-odd years of residency, a Scottish business, and a bunch of bairns, I still don’t feel especially entitled to vote – and I have a few Polish friends who keep asking my advice (it’s amazing to think the Eastern European community could swing it!). My best pal has switched sides in the last couple of weeks, and it’s a strange notion that three of our wayward offspring may well cancel out their parents’ considered votes.

As a marketing case study it has been a fascinating exercise, watching each side try to wrong-foot the other. The actual question on the ballot paper is skewed towards the Yes camp, but their Better Together opponents have that great brand equity on their side, ‘the devil you know’. Meanwhile, among native Scots, grass-roots pressure is clearly building ‘to do the right thing’.

I’ve been trying to assess whether this is a classic ‘heart v head’ conundrum. Probably it is, but the issue is complicated by the question ‘where does your heart lie?’ (In Scotland? In Britain? In your wallet?)

However, as I have said before, the last thing the Scots are is stupid, so I’m sure we’ll get the right result.

  • Tracey Richardson

    Your post is most encourgaing Chris. I’ve just embarked on a concerted effort to really make Linkedin work for me as an independent consultant. The days of cold calling are long gone and strange as it may seem I believe personal contacts are even more important in the digital age than ever before.       

    • ChrisJReed

      I totally agree Tracey and through LinkedIn you can enhance those relationships, create new ones and really build up an empathy and rapport with potential and actual clients that you could never do on the phone, you have to see it as a creative environment and not a hard sales one though…..