Phoney war

I gather from the media that there’s a grocery price war about to break out.

When I first started selling to supermarkets, Tesco were running ‘Discount 78′. They were locked in mortal combat with Asda, Sainsbury, Fine Fare and the Co-op superstores. It was billed in the press (no online then, of course) as ‘Discount to the Death’.

Fine Fare did succumb (morphing into Gateway, Somerfield and finally the Co-op), but the others have lived to fight another day.

Back in the seventies, there was no need to advertise that savings were in the offing. Just a bit of well-placed PR and the media would do the rest. They’d hype up the contest – as if this were something new under the sun (heaven forbid!) – and the news would spread like wildfire. Consumers could shop happy in the knowledge that their supermarket was doing its bit for the pound in one’s pocket.

Sounds remarkably familiar.

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    I do see the whole stalking celebrities a bit strange, but I guess its an insight into their lives, which hasn’t been dictated by the media and allows you to see stars as real people and as people you might feel like you know and understand more than just a face on the TV, which benefits the artist as much as it does the fan.

    I find using Twitter to keep up to date with industry news the best tool about that particular social network. Being able to follow useful sites and individuals has made it really easy to keep on top of new developments worldwide, but in all honesty just stalking a celebrity does seem a little sad when compared to the vast amount of information you could be absorbing through such social medias.

    Thanks for letting me pop in my 2 cents. Great points here.

    Happy weekend

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