That sinking feeling

‘Bonkers’ is not a word that often springs to mind when evaluating new marketing initiatives, but it’s always cheering when it does. It is along such lines that the proposed Glasgow 2014 opening ceremony stunt to blow up the Red Road flats has had the media reaching for their thesauruses. I must confess to a flash of disbelief myself.

In more prosaic terms, down the years I’ve watched the best-laid plans of huge well-educated multinational companies (with marketing budgets to match) crumble into dust. Guinness bitter, Persil washing up liquid, Kleenex toilet tissue. Great hoped-for edifices that never materialised.

Sometimes, things just strike you as wrong – it may only be a fleeting tremor of trepidation, a moment’s giddy unease before misguided logic restores a sense of terra firma. But in my experience it’s a warning worth heeding.