Last brand standing

I was intrigued to see the recently published list of so-called ‘Superbrands’. It seems remarkable that BA is number one, when you consider it is less than half the size of Ryanair. And Andrex still loiters (now at No.12), despite in market share terms being a shadow of the leviathan that stomped competitors during its Bowater-Scott heyday.

For those in slow yet seemingly inexorable decline, the question must be how to turn such approbation into bums on seats (apposite, I think, for both brands mentioned). As always, the answer is simple. Ignore the value equation at your peril.

A highly regarded brand that takes a nose-dive can only tell you one thing: someone is providing some of your customers with a more attractive package of benefits and cost. Brand loyalty creates inertia and lessens the attrition, but it only lasts so long. Fail to act, and your precious equity will eventually disappear down the pan.