What’s in a name?

Earlier, I was bemoaning the rampant commercialisation of Valentine’s Day, when a Polish colleague informed me I should be thankful for small mercies. Evidently over in the good country every day can have its obligations.

Tomorrow, for instance – St Valentine’s Day in Blighty – in Poland is Adolf’s Day, Adolpha’s Day, Adolphina’s Day, Alf’s Day, Cyril’s Day, Dobislawa’s Day, Józef’s Day, Jósefa’s Day, Konrad’s Day, Konrada’s Day, Krystyna’s Day, Lilian’s Day, Liliana’s Day, Mikolaj’s Day, Niemir’s Day, Niemira’s Day… and Walenty’s Day.

The deal is that, if you know anyone by these names, tomorrow you have to ply them with gifts and flowers.

So – yes – I am thankful that the British supermarkets haven’t got hold of this idea of ‘Name Days’ (imieniny in Polish). And long may that continue. Meanwhile I have to pop out to Tesco to get something for my friend Walenty.