Ego on board

We all know the car marque that – as my mates put it – has a high quotient of the f-wit factor. Well, now I read there’s another reason to shun it – research suggests you’re less likely to be let into the traffic by other motorists. Apparently your commute will be shorter if your choice of car is not driven by your troubled ego.

I have frequently wondered to what degree automotive marketers consider the off-putting potential of their existing clientele. I seem to recall Audi running a campaign along the lines of ‘People won’t think you’re a dickhead if you drive an Audi’. It certainly doesn’t seem to have done them any harm.

Of course, every brand must suffer to some degree from the stigma that comes with the success of its own segmentation. The Teutonic discounters are currently fighting this battle, with some tidy gains being made. Perhaps their automotive cousins should take a leaf out of their book?