Formula Con

I read on the Huffington Post website that 73% of people find Formula One boring. That’s worrying. Only 73%?

Maybe those who decry marketing as the fine art of hyperbole have a point. Say it with gusto and some of us start to believe it.

Certainly it’s that cold-and-flu time of year when I’m annually reminded of the capacity of multifarious medicines not to live up to their hype. This class of products is exemplified by cough mixture: you take it; you cough. (Then again, maybe that is what it says on the tin?)

I’m highly suspicious of whitening toothpaste, long-life batteries, and super glue. And isn’t ‘Diet’ shorthand for ‘weight-loss’?

Meanwhile the disinfectant that exterminates 99.9% of the bacteria on your kitchen sponge leaves a good 10,000 alive and kicking.

Strange they can get away with this when Mars was panned for claiming a daily dose of its eponymous bar ‘Helps you work, rest and play’. (Ironically a slogan whose origin is generally misattributed to Murray Walker during his time at Masius.)