Coupon conundrum

In this morning’s “i” I came across a rather odd coupon from Tesco. Or, indeed, is it a coupon? Look here.

Those of us long in the SP tooth can testify to the consumer’s immense diligence in neatly cutting out coupons. This one, in the shape of a seven-inch snowflake (or is it a Christmas star?), poses an above-average challenge. Are they giant dashes – or should I just take in the whole page? But how shall I use it for self-scan? And what if I want to do the crossword on the reverse?

At the foot of the page is a paragraph of small print – really small, and beyond the visual limits and patience of most consumers. I reach for the magnifier I keep for such occasions. The text begins: “To qualify for a £5 off when you spend £40 or more coupon… ” (wait a minute, is this English?). And I can see there’s a bunch of exclusions coming… so I give up.

Maybe it’s an ad. (For a coupon?) Peculiar.