One for sorrow, twofer joy

Sainsbury’s seems to have gone multibuy bonkers right now – the shelves are an explosion of twofers, threefers, fourfers and more. Handily, the offers all seem to be in round pounds, which makes it nice and easy for the shopper.

However, I was slightly baffled when I spotted this deal on some of the Johnson’s range. Buy two for £2, or one for… £2.19?

Recovering from my double-take, I checked around and found a couple of similar examples of this peculiar microeconomic theory in action. Was it simply to crow-bar these products into the promotion, or is it an observation test being carried out upon consumers?

If so, let’s hope the intelligent tills are compensating harried mums and those who forgot their specs by awarding coupons of the concomitant lost sum.