Easterity strikes

As a former Cadbury brand manager I keep a sharp eye on confectionery matters, and of course Easter is the big thing right now. But, having a quick shufti around the shops yesterday I was disappointed to find very little in the way of inspiring creativity.

This is a big shame, given the scope this great seasonal event affords. Who can forget the 1985 gold egg campaign based on the book Masquerade, that gripped the nation?

Most of the chocolate eggs I came across seemed to be discounted, and I had to hunt high and low before I found an actual ‘creative’ promotion. Lindt’s Gold Bunny is offering the chance to win a 24-carrot (geddit?) gold holiday worth up to £10,000 every week. A bit of a bolt-on, I’m sure you’ll agree, and looking at the mechanic it’s also a tad miserly, since statistically speaking a £10,000 holiday is unlikely to be won (10 draws, 1 in 12 chance of ‘winners’ succeeding).

So, why this depressing dearth of decent promotional marketing? An awards judging panel I chaired recently unanimously bemoaned the workmanlike nature of the entries. Can it be the current age of austerity that’s driving down creativity?