Sainsbury in Bunny Spoiler

In Edinburgh, Radio Forth has the school run sewn up. Compulsive listening are items such as ‘Wotsit’, a word-guessing game, and ‘Kid in the Car’, when a primary-age child is selected to tell a joke. Today’s was ‘What do you call a Scotsman who’s nearly home?’ (Hamish, of course.)

No joke, however, was a Sainsbury’s Easter egg ad that came hot on its heels. The gist of it was: ‘Shop early from our range, so there’s loads of time to hide them for your great Easter egg-hunt.’

Ahem. Excuse me. Hide them? As one of our kids pointed out, it’s the Easter Bunny that conceals the eggs… so what’s this all this about? And who’s next for unmasking… the Tooth Fairy? Santa? Those bears that live beneath the pavement?

I guess it’s called an overlap of audiences, with a bit of myopic planning thrown in – surely better to have kept the chocolate powder dry until after the 9 a.m. watershed?