Swig Low*

In the pub last night I noticed in-bar ads for 3 separate brands – ALL exhorting me to ‘TRY’ them. I shan’t embarrass them by naming names. Of course – it’s that time of year again… 6 Nations Rugby. Out from the dark tunnel trot the old clichés, blinking furiously, as if they’d never before seen the light of day.

And it’s funny – why would two words that share the same spelling make good communication? I reckon maybe Tommy Cooper could have pulled this kind of thing off (you know: “Light bulb… heavy bulb…”), but in marketing there’s a very narrow blindside through which agile copy might jink.

Given a chance, I reckon I might have come up with something a bit more original* – though perhaps not appropriate for the outlet I was drinking in at the time, the Murrayfield Bar.