The pink is next to the green

The BBC has announced that 13,202 households are still watching tv in black and white. That’s a half-decent crowd at the O2 still puzzling over the snooker.  All those identical balls, and that.

I was trying to work out why people would make this choice. The natural assumption, thinking basic market positioning, is that £49 sounds a lot better than £145.50 when it comes to the licence fee.  The price : quality trade-off.

Of course, there’ll be a chunk of aficionado-collectors, who also drive split-screen Morris Minors wearing genuine 1960s anoraks, this being Britain. But surely not thirteen thousand of them.

Then I had an idea. If you google ‘colour-blindness’, you find that about 8% of the UK male population is afflicted. In fact, over 300,000 colour-blind men live alone.

Thinking about it this way, maybe there’s a market opportunity going a-begging? At the very least, perhaps the snooker commentators should be revisiting the much-mocked phrase in the headline above.