Summit about Craghoppers

In the early Noughties I wrote bemoaning websites that were like shops without staff. You would enter, get thoroughly confused, and slink away unnoticed.

A decade later, while website navigation is much improved, the staff are still pretty much AWOL.

It was salient, therefore, when last week Craghoppers chased after me, down the cyber street, so to speak.

The morning after an unsuccessful attempt to locate some climbing pants (that is pants, not plants), I awoke to an email entitled “Did you find what you were looking for?”

Well – minor anomaly aside (obviously I didn’t, and the email soon corrected itself with a very polite “We noticed that you didn’t find what you were looking for”) – I’ll be blowed! A virtual shop assistant.

The message gave a phone number and the invitation to put the dedicated customer service team to the test. Fantastic. And so simple, really. Why don’t all online shops do this?

(Oh – and as for playing Devil’s Advocate – I’d have offered me a £10 voucher valid for £24 hours.)