Today’s the day

A conundrum for the conscientious. Today is national eat a cranberry day. But it’s also national buy nothing day. Just how does the dedicated follower of nonsensical public relations gimmicks cope? Bad luck cranberries, I suppose. (Then again, it’s also national cashew day, so that’s another endangered species that can breathe a temporary sigh of relief.)

It makes you think, though – who presides over all this poppycock… and who says we should take any notice? Admittedly, it’s mainly driven by our fruitcase friends from across the pond, but nevertheless I’m frequently amazed by how often I discover I should be measuring my feet, playing a kazoo or being intentionally late for something (not so difficult, that one). And – yes – apparently there really are national crackpot days for all these things and more.

From a marketing perspective, I get the logic – you only have to look at how Guinness have hijacked St Pat’s Day to see the commercial dust that can be kicked up.  But if a brand isn’t careful it risks a backlash from shirty consumers who don’t like being told what to think.  Yet the further irony is that it’s thanks to people like this that promotional marketing exists (otherwise you could just advertise to them).

It gets so confusing!  I think I’ll go shoplift some cranberries.