Alcoholics eponymous

You’d think most brands would avoid like the plague the word ‘Alcoholic’, but no so.  I was watching the footie the other night when I noticed it kept appearing, running Giggs-like along the electronic hoardings.  Subliminally I had assumed it was about footballers against booze – in fact it was an ad for alcoholic ginger beer. (Crabbie’s, I think.)

Indeed, now that new players are taking to the wing, so to speak (which could be both a football and a Ginger Grouse metaphor), it got me thinking about the problems of nomenclature in this sector.  Ginger Beer is what we enjoyed as kids – a soft drink.  This new stuff is anything but soft, and so they’re obliged to tell us.  Hence the unfortunate noun ‘Alcoholic’ being pressed into reluctant service as an adjective.

I’m wondering why no one has yet taken a more lateral approach.  For example (and this isn’t perfect), but what about Ginger Lager?  Everyone knows lager isn’t a soft drink (and to boot has a less middle-aged ring to it).  No need to mention ‘Alcoholic’.